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The Drabblecast is excited to be back in business providing Strange Stories by Strange Authors, to Strange Listeners, Such As Yourself! It's not too late to pick up some awesome Drabblecast swag to make your life even weirder and more fulfilled! And remember, with each purchase, your helping support your favorite podcast!

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Pratt Libs on Kickstarter Live Corrected time: Today at 9am PST/noon EST
4 months ago – Thu, Oct 04, 2018 at 08:59:43 AM

Heya folks!

Whoopsies--in my last update, I forgot which way the earth spins in this reality and swapped the PST/EST times. Sorry about that! Here's the link again with the corrected image. It starts in roughly 90 minutes, and I promise it will be, well, weird.

Link to Pratt Libs Kickstarter Live Stream
Link to Pratt Libs Kickstarter Live Stream

What is Pratt Libs anyways?

Well... primarily it's an excuse to get Tim Pratt on the line. You may know him as that guy that has written a BUNCH of our favorite Drabblecast stories--if you go back a few Drabblecast episodes, you'll find a director's cut of Morris and the Machine, one of our absolute favorite time-travel "romance" stories ever--or as the "guy in the hot tub" from our Kickstarter video.

If you google "Pratt Libs," you'll probably end up looking at links to the Pratt Institute Libraries. Libraries are great and all, but probably not anywhere near as strange as our take on Pratt Libs. See, Tim cooked up an idea... why not write a story (he's good at that) and turn it into a Mad Libs style, fill in the blank version... and then have the strange folks in the Drabblecast community (that's you guys) fill in those blanks?

And do it live. This could possibly be a career-ending move for for both of us, but so are lots of things... like trying to make a living telling stories about creepy squid gods, giant whale testicles (have YOU listened to yesterday's episode yet?), clown eggs and murderous magic teddy bears. Sometimes you've just gotta live a little! 

#lovinglife #blessed
#lovinglife #blessed

 Stay weird and see you soon!


This Thursday: Pratt Libs on Kickstarter Live!
4 months ago – Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 01:48:04 PM

Pratt Libs on Kickstarter Live (Thursday 9am EST/noon Pacific)
Pratt Libs on Kickstarter Live (Thursday 9am EST/noon Pacific)

Remember that time you played Mad-Libs in the car and your little sister ended up crying and your parents had to pull over and make you tell them who taught you the verb "disembowel"?

Join one of our all time favorite authors, Tim Pratt, and I as we play Pratt Libs on Kickstarter Live this Thursday! We won't judge!

Here's a link to subscribe... and start think of the most Drabblecast worthy nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs you can!

They Say it Feels Like You’ve Almost Hit Your Next Stretch Goal!
4 months ago – Mon, Oct 01, 2018 at 03:19:57 PM

Hey Weirdo's!

Exciting news— We're about to hit our next stretch goal milestone at 35k (only $500 in pledges away!) and then you'll be able to start sticking the Drabblecast all sorts of places other than your ears! (Now now, get your minds out of the gutter! ...Unless of course, you get a chance to try out the new Oculus Stormdrain, which is supposed to be amazing! They say it feels like you're in a real gutter...)

No sillies, I meant Drabblecast stickers!

You can put ‘em on your car, in your home, on your laptop, in a gutter, on some boring painting that needs a little "sprucing up” in some museum... We just got the proofs in, check em out below, they look awesome!

You guys are amazing! Yours in Weirdness, Norm


_October 1st-

My apologies, I have since been informed by our art director that we’re still waiting on proofs and also this is not what they look like.
Which begs the question what do they look like? Also, who stuck these things all over my house...

All will be revealed... We’ll be sure to post images soon!


Kickstarter Live Stream 1 Replay Posted
4 months ago – Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 01:59:29 PM

Hey everyone, we had a good long chat today on Kickstarter Live, but if you missed it, fret not! 

Here is a link to the replay (click on the image to go right to it): 

Kickstarter Live Replay (click me!)
Kickstarter Live Replay (click me!)

Also, during the stream, we got pretty close to our first stretch goal of $32,500 to begin paying our artists--a measly $460 to go! Thank you so much (on behalf of our amazing artists)--I know we will hit that soon!

Wait... you didn't know we had stretch goals? That's probably because I haven't actually posted them on the campaign yet. I really need to do that...

Humbly, gratefully and weirdly yours...


Kickstarter Live with Norm at Noon EST, 9am PDT!
4 months ago – Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 09:44:36 AM

Hey folks! Totally blown away that we hit our goal in just a single week! Join me today at noon EST (9am PDT), here on KS for a livestream convo about what's up next with stretch goals!

Here's a link to the livestream, where you can get your questions in ahead of time:

Yours in Weirdness, Norm